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Why pay a fortune to a big firm for tax preparation?

Our fee range for preparing a U.S. Federal tax return is US$ 250 – US$ 950, based on time and complexity. We will quote you in Euros within the Euro-zone, Sterling within the UK, and US Dollars everywhere else.


This is a wide range but we recognize that some people have tax situations that are not all that complex so they should not pay a high FLAT RATE.


We also recognize that some people have more complex tax situations but want a FIRM QUOTE upfront. They do not want to hear about the SMALL PRINT and get hit with other HIDDEN CHARGES on top of a flat rate.


For a straightforward State return we charge US$ 175.


For the bank account form (Form 114), also known as FBAR, we charge US$ 95.


For a straightforward Form 5471 we charge US$ 490.


For a straightforward Form 8938 we charge US$ 175.


We offer a 20% discount for preparing prior year tax returns.


NO CHARGE for reviewing previously filed tax returns.


Face-to-face meetings with Richard Dunn are available in London or Dublin. The hourly charge for this is US$ 250. Thirty minute meetings (or phone consultations) can be arranged for US$ 150.



To receive a FIRM QUOTE please email us at with a short summary of your tax situation and we will reply immediately.