American Tax Preparation Services

This CPA tax service is for U.S. expatriates overseas and green card holders living outside the USA. It is also for non-U.S. residents that may have income from sources within the USA. We offer low fees for U.S. Federal IRS returns (1040, 2555, 1116, etc.) and State tax return preparation.


American citizens, green card holders and non-U.S. residents living in any foreign country are invited to e-mail us for a tax preparation quote. We can prepare all current and prior year returns.


Your tax returns will be prepared by a CPA with extensive experience with overseas tax issues.


With offices in Dublin, Ireland and London, England we offer the above services and more.


Keep in mind that if you live overseas, your filing deadline is automatically extended to 15 June in most cases.


If you have not met your past U.S. filing requirements ask about the amnesty, known as the streamlined process.  Please also see the FAQ General section, question 6.

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